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Mandrel Bender & Tube Fabrication Equipment 

We are continually investing in new tooling to meet our customers’ needs. We only use premium-quality fabrication equipment, including:

  • RMD MB-350 programmable, numeric-controlled rotary draw mandrel tube bender. This is used to create tight-radius (1.5 times tube diameter) and close-proximity (2 times tube diameter distance between bends) bends for custom headers and exhaust, as well as other applications requiring a thin wall and small centerline radius. It features an automated mandrel extender/extractor and can bend various tube materials, including stainless or mild steel for headers and exhaust, and thin-wall chrom-moly for higher-quality, lightweight roll bars/cages.
  • RMD RDB-350S programmable, numeric-controlled rotary draw bender. This is used for bending thicker-wall roll cage tubing and chassis components. It produces mandrel-quality bends in tube of various wall thickness including chrom-moly, stainless steel, mild steel and aluminum.
  • RMD TN-800 end-mill style tubing notcher. This production-quality notcher is used to create accurate joints between tubes, especially critical for TIG-welded applications. It is adjustable from 1" to 3". It gets extensive use in our roll cage projects, and we also use it for our in-house fabricated X and H pipes.
  • RMD IDX-10 index table. This is used with the RDB-350S, and allows accurate, repeatable bends in varying planes, especially useful when bending roll bar hoops and longer parts such as dragster frames.
  • Mittler Bros. Industrial Bead Roller. This is a heavy-duty bead roll machine that has a capacity of .065" stainless steel. We use it to roll beads on the ends of stainless, mild steel and aluminum intercooler tubes and charge pipes, to help keep the couplers from blowing off. We also use this to roll beads and flanges in custom sheetmetal panels.
  • Mittler Bros. 3-axis finger brake. This sheetmetal brake features removeable fingers/leafs on all three axes of the bend, allowing us to fabricate complex sheetmetal panels and parts from stainless steel, mild steel and aluminum up to 16 gauge. 
  • Mittler Bros. dimple dies. Dimple-dies make the cool-looking contoured holes in sheetmetal, proving light weight while retaining strength in the material. Did we mention that they also look cool? 
  • Huth Swager/Expander. This is used to make expansions, reductions, flares and OEM-style ball joints in exhaust tube. We also have tooling to fabricate custom header collectors with this equipment.
  • Scotchman cold saw. This mitering saw, with a capacity of over 3", allows us to make accurate cuts in tube.
  • Bend-Tech software. Used to model the bends and to derive angle degrees and start positions prior to bending the tube.
  • Auto and motorcycle lifts. We have two 4-post drive-on Rotary lifts, and a Snap-On motocycle lift.
  • Miller welding equipment. We use Miller Synchrowave TIG welders, and a Miller 252 MIG welder.

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