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 Hanksville Hot Rods specializes in custom mandrel-bent headers and exhausts, roll cages and custom chassis components using our state of the art numerically controlled bending equipment.


About Hanksville Hot Rods

We're a full-time mandrel tube bending and fabrication facility, employing experienced fabricators, and occupying a well-equipped 7,000 square-foot space.

We provide the following services:

  • Automotive tube bending and fabrication, including custom mandrel-bent exhausts, roll cages and turbo/charge/intercooler pipes.
  • Race car sheetmetal fabrication, including custom airboxes, aluminum door panels and bulkheads, bead rolling, and "dimple-die" flared panels.
  • Commercial tube bending and fabrication, including made-to-spec stainless steel stair railings, countertop pedestals, fuel cell piping, and many other types of tube products.

We started Hanksville Hot Rods to serve customers who need custom work and innovative products using specialized equipment and knowledge. For instance…

    • If you need a roll bar or cage, but can't wait several weeks for the big shops to fit you in between their high-dollar race car projects...
    • If you’d like a custom exhaust for your performance car or truck, but the mail order systems don't fit well enough and the exhaust shop up the street can’t give you the mandrel-bent quality your car deserves…
    • If you want custom mandrel-bent headers or intercooler pipes, but don’t want the “Frankenstein” look of pieced-together tubes that other shops make...
    • If you need custom, commercial tube fabrication in stainless steel or mild steel...

      …Then we can probably help you, so give us a call.

      In addition to custom fabrication services, we also offer great-fitting mail-order roll bars and cages,  and the Junior Lift, the space-saving lift for junior dragsters.

      Thanks for visiting Hanksville; we look forward to serving you.

      -Hank and Jen Padilla


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