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How does Hanksville design and build our Porsche 944 Roll Cages?

Customized cage design: In 2007 we worked with local 944-Spec racers to develop a cage that would satisfy the basic sanctioning body rules at a reasonable price. The basic cage design has been enhanced over the years, but the original features  - terrific fit, reasonable cost, and a quick turnaround time - remain. To keep costs low, the basic cage design does not include triangulation gussets or other optional bars. However, optional bars are available to further strengthen the cage, and can be added when ordering your 944 cage. Optional  bars include Extended-style door bars, roof bar, rear brace X-bars, dash bar, and triangulation gussets in a number of areas. While these bars add some weight and cost, they can significantly strengthen the cage and chassis structure. 

CAD Modeling and Bending: Our Porsche 944 cages are NASA, SCCA and PCA-legal, constructed of DOM tube meeting sanctioning body and class rules. Tubes are bent on programmable, numeric-controlled rotary-draw benders, for high bend quality.

Precision Tube Notching: Tubes are then precision-notched using templates that we have created specifically for our 944 cages. These templates, along with our production-quality, indexable tube notcher, allow us to fit the tubes together with accurate and repeatable results.

Optional bars : We work with customers to determine which optional bars, such as dash bars; Extended-style door bars; rear brace X-bars; triangulation gussets; etc. might best fit their specific needs and budget.

Test-Fitting: Cages are test-fitted inside an actual 944 car, allowing us to check the fitment of each cage before shipping to the customer. All mail-order cages meet the same exacting standards as our custom-fitted cages:

  • Cages must contact the car at specific points to ensure that the driver has more room and easier ingress and egress than standard, "generic-fit" mail-order cages offered by other companies.
  • Mounting plates are cut and bent to conform to the floor and rockers of the 944, and are also test-fitted inside our sample car.

Labels and Instructions: Cage components are labeled and ship with a complete set of instructions, making it easy for the customer to fit the cage in their own car.

Ready-to-Weld: All cages are pre-notched and test-fitted, ready to weld!

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