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Porsche 944 Mail-Order Roll Bar Pricing and Options

944 mail-order roll bar pricing:

   Racer Price
944 roll bar. Pre-notched, test-fitted and ready-to-weld. NASA/SCCA/PCA/POC-legal 4-point design, using 1.5"x.120" * wall DOM tube. Harness bars are specifically fitted to customer-specified height. This roll bar is great for street-driven cars that also compete in time trials, autocross or other competition classes that do not require a full cage. This roll bar can be turned into a cage at a later date by ordering our cage add-on kit. This roll bar fits 944 and 924 race cars with the interior removed. The cage includes the following components:
  • 4 mounting plates, pre-bent to conform to the car's floor/rockers and subframes
  • Main hoop
  • Main hoop diagonal
  • Harness crossbar, driver-side
  • Harness crossbar, passenger-side
  • Rear brace, driver-side
  • Rear brace, passenger-side
  • All parts are labeled
  • Detailed installation guide with color pictures
* Please note: 1.5" x .095" DOM tube may be substituted at no additional charge. We can also substitute 1.75" DOM tube for an additional charge. Please allow additional time to fabricate your cage should you choose these sizes.

Pricing for optional, add-on mail-order roll bar components:

We offer various options to allow you to customize your 944/924 roll bar based on your individual design preferences. Custom cages and bars are our specialty, so please don't hesitate to inquire if you are interested in optional bars that are not listed here:

Description Racer Price
Rear Brace Diagonal. This bar connects the driver-side rear brace, where it joins the main hoop, with the bottom of the passenger-side rear brace near its mounting plate. It helps to triangulate the main hoop and the rear section of the roll bar assembly.


Add $35
Rear Brace X-Bars. These bars include a rear brace diagonal, described above, plus two bars that intersect and are bifurcated by the diagonal bar, to form an "X" in the rear brace area. This further triangulates and strengthens the rear of the roll bar assembly. The cost of this option is in addition to the cost of the rear brace diagonal.


Add $75
Lower Rear Brace Crossbar. This optional bar connects the lower portions of the rear braces, down low near the mounting plates. The crossbar can be added alone, or used with the optional rear brace diagonal bar or rear brace X-bars (above). It helps to further strengthen the rear of the roll bar assembly.

 Add $35
Tube Gussets. These optional bars are pre-notched, custom-fitted and can be installed at various locations throughout the cage, to triangulate and strengthen the tube joints. The following is a list of "standard" tube gussets that we keep in stock; these parts may be added to your cage based on your personal design preferences:
  • Main hoop / Rear brace joint (side)
  • Main hoop / Rear brace joint (top)
If you would prefer to have tube gussets in other areas, please let us know! Custom tube gussets are available to your specs at only slightly higher prices.

 Add $25 per tube gusset
Add-on Cage Kit. This kit converts our 4-point roll bar into our great-fitting full 6-point cage, legal for wheel-to-wheel competition. The add-on cage kit includes two forward hoops, two forward hoop mounting plates, a windshield bar, two door bars with spreaders on each side, and a detailed installation guide.

 Add $619
4-Point Roll Bar Mounting Plates. We now offer our mounting plates for those customers who are building their own roll bars. Our plates mount to the subframes of the car, providing a much stronger foundation than the floor plates that other cage/roll bar builders use. Our plates are formed to fit the contours of the 944/924 subframes. Designed to be welded in place, they are made from 1/8" mild steel. The price includes a full set of 4 mounting plates: 2 for the main hoop and 2 for the rear braces.

Note: Racer pricing is offered to NASA, SCCA and PCA racers who provide their racer number, and assumes placement of Hanksville decals on the car and approval to use racecar/racer name and likeness on Hanksville advertising.

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