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Building a 944 race car?
Need a roll cage?
Choose one of the following....

    • Custom-fitted cage
    • Mail-order cage
    • All of the Above!


Click here to find out how we build our Porsche 944 cages.

Click here for options and pricing for our mail-order Porsche 944 cages.

Click here for options and pricing for our mail-order Porsche 944 roll bars.

Click here for pictures of Porsche 944 race cars and drivers that are using Hanksville Hot Rods cages.

Welcome to - Mail-order Porsche 944 Roll Cage Assemblies

Introducing an entirely new approach to ordering a mail-order roll cage.

The team at Hanksville Hot Rods has built 90 roll bars and cages for the 924/944/951/968 family of cars. Building off of our extensive roll cage fabrication experience, we offer our tight-fitting Porsche 944 roll cages and roll bars to mail-order customers!

  • CAD-programmed and bent on numerically-controlled benders.
  • Precision-notched and test-fitted inside an actual 944 car
  • Ready to weld.
  • Harness bars fitted based on customer measurements.
  • Optional bar designs are available, including "Extended"-style door bars, rear brace X-bars, and many others based on customer preferences.
  • Our mail-order bars and cages fit as tightly to the car's interior sheetmetal as do our in-house custom cages, because they share the same design and construction process. Our mail-order cages are built and test-fitted for each individual customer.

A tight-fitting, customized mail-order roll cage!

Our custom-fitted roll cage customers trust Hanksville Hot Rods to listen to them, understand their driving style and seating position, and to fabricate a roll cage that will enhance their driving experience and will pass tech.

We offer the same tight fit and high level of service to customers wishing to mail-order their cage!

With the assistance of CAD programming, numeric-controlled benders, and our precision tube notcher, Hanksville fabricators can duplicate our tight-fitting roll cages for mail order customers.

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