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Sheetmetal Fabrication Projects

Rockin Customs - Rock Buggy Sheetmetal

Rob from Rockin Customs asked us to fabricate custom aluminum sheetmetal panels for this very wild rock buggy. After making templates for the various panels, we cut, bent and performed final fitment for the floor, roof, front and rear bulkheads, toe boxes, battery box, and center console. We welded tabs to the cage to attach the panels, and added a box under the floor for the ignition and other electronics. We also used chassis punches to make clean, burr-free holes in the floor above the transmission cooler, to allow venting of excess heat.

Webb Motorsports - BMW Mini Air Box

Webb Motorsorts specializes in modifying BMW Minis for performance and racing applications. They asked us to help with prototyping an air box for the Minis. This air box, constructed of stainless steel, fits in the factory location and allows fitment of a larger air cleaner element. An optional accessory is the Ram Air Flow, which fits behind the factory hood scoop to route fresh outside air into the air box.

We assisted with the prototyping of both parts, and provide Webb with production runs of these parts. All parts are TIG-welded and bent in-house on our 3-axis finger brake.

Webb Motorsports - Air Deflector / Belly Pan

Wanting to reduce aerodynamic drag and to smoothe the airflow in the area of the rear suspension of their race car, Webb Motorsports hired us to fabricate a custom air deflector for their full-race car.

We formed the air deflector from 4 pieces of .055" aluminum, using a sheetmetal brake to create the air boxes that cover the suspension. The air deflector is easily removeable to enable access to the underside of the car.We have also treated this car to other aluminum goodies - headlight covers, a lightweight piece to replace the original glass roof panels, an adjustable front air splitter and a cool mount for the supercharger heat exchanger.

Bob’s Mach 1

Bob has owned this Mach 1 since it was new. He is a registered racer at Bandimere Speedway, regularly racing his 11-second car in ET events. After mounting the battery in the trunk, he asked us to fabricate a new aluminum bulkhead and door panels.

We first made patterns, then cut and fit the panels. Fitment was critical, since the bulkhead needs to seal the trunk area from the driver compartment in the event of an incident on the track.

Fitment of the door panels was also important to ensure that the car looked nice. So, when fitting the door panels, we carefully measured and cut the parts to accomodate the OEM window crank and door handle. We also added bead rolls to the panels to add strength and to enhance their appearance.

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