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Need a roll bar or cage?

Hanksville Hot Rods is THE place in Denver to install a roll bar or cage in your street or race car. We are a professional shop,occupying a 7,000 square foot space and employing full-time professional fabricators, specializing in custom-fitted roll bars and cages for road race and drag race cars and trucks. Why buy a generic mail-order roll bar when you can have the Hanksville advantage:

  • Our roll bars and cages are custom-measured and bent to match the contours of your car’s interior
  • We have an in-house mandrel bender, resulting in high-quality bends on thin-wall chrom-moly tube
  • Our benders are programmable, allowing more precise tube fitment 
  • We design the cage to accomodate the driver’s size and seating position
  • We fit the door bars to maximize elbow and leg room
  • We take care to protect your car’s interior while installing your roll cage
  • We’re SFI-certified and perform tech inspection duties at various tracks, so we understand drag race and road race rules
  • Special requests are welcomed!

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Drag race, road race or land speed!

We’re SFI-certified, and spend alot of time at the track inspecting cars. We have experience in building cages for fast street cars, full-on drag cars, and NASA/SCCA/PCA road race cars. We’ve built cages in coupes, sedans, convertibles, and roadsters. We’ve also helped customers with their land speed and drift cars. Thanks to this experience, and the fact that roll cage fabrication is a main part of our business, we know how to build a cage that will pass tech and fit right.

Yep, we do custom bending too!

Our benders are programmable and feature 8-10-foot indexing tables, allowing us to accurately space bends, in multiple angles. This means that we can bend parts as short as control arms and as long as dragster chassis. We can bend roll cage tubing from 3/4" up to 1.75" (larger sizes and rectangular tube bending available by special request). Need a sturdy chassis for your hot rod or race car? Our investment in this heavy-duty equipment sets us apart from other chassis and race car shops.

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