What do we do? Here’s a partial list of the services we provide. Have questions or need something that’s not on this list? Chances are, we can do it, so let us know how we can help you with your project.

Mandrel Bent Headers and Exhaust

Our numerically-controlled mandrel exhaust bender enables us to make smooth bends up to 3", with none of the crushes or kink that you get from a regular muffler shop bender. We can help you with custom headers, cold air intakes, exhaust pipes, or other parts requiring a consistent, un-crimped bend. more...

Roll Cages and Chassis

We specialize in custom-fitted roll cages for road race and drag cars, and full-interior cars are no problem! We can bend roll cage and chassis tubing from 3/4" up to 1.75" using our programmable, numerically-controlled mandrel and rot-ry draw benders. Our investment in this heavy-duty equipment sets us apart from other chassis and race car shops. more...

Sheetmetal Fabrication

While we’re bending up a chassis and exhaust for you, we can also fabricate floors, diffuser panels, and interior panels for your ride. more...

Junior Dragster Accessories

If you need modifications made to your dragster chassis, we can help. We also make quality Jr. Dragster accessories such as our "Junior Lift" car stacker for trailers and garages. more...

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